About Us

There are roughly ten team members on the team actively building the robot and fundraising, ranging from grades 9 to 12. These students are pushed to their limits come the game’s kickoff, otherwise known as FRC season. Falling on the first non-holiday Saturday in January, the FRC kickoff is where we learn what game we will be building our robot to compete in. We have approximately 6 weeks to build and program our robot, and then we ship it off where it will be locked away from the team until competition.

While on the team, members will learn skills that can and will help them obtain a career in engineering, business, and more. In fact, members of FIRST are 50% more likely to pursue a college education after high school. Even better, they are twice as likely to major in science or engineering as compared to the average college student, and three times more likely to major in specifically engineering. With engineering being one of the largest jobs in-demand, don’t you think it’s time you join up?

Along with keeping our own ground as a team, we’ve also reached out to others, including an FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge) team. We have even gone to great lengths to make sure our local YMCA was interested in housing our town’s brand new FIRST Lego League team. Finally, we make sure to play a key part in FLL demonstrations, bringing our robots with us to spark the interest of the kids, because they are the future engineers of tomorrow.

Wherever we go, we make sure we spread the positive message of FIRST!

Team Photo w 1038 and 3138

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