About Us

Robots-R-Us is from Eaton, Ohio. The team enrolls members from the Preble County area high schools. There are roughly fifteen team members, ranging from grades 8 to 12. Falling on the first non-holiday Saturday in January, the FRC kickoff is where the team learns what game our robot will have to play.

While on the team, members will learn valuable skills that will help them obtain a career in engineering, business, and other related fields. In fact, members of FIRST teams are 50% more likely to pursue a college education after high school. They are also twice as likely to major in a STEM-related field, and three times more likely to major in specifically mechanical engineering.

Along with keeping our own ground as a team, we also regularly reach out to other teams, including FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge) and FLL (FIRST Lego League) teams.

Wherever we go, we make sure we spread the positive message of FIRST!

Team Photo w 1038 and 3138

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