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Meet QUASAR! Our 2019 DEEP SPACE Robot

Game: Destination DEEP SPACE


Status: Operable
Weight: 100lbs (approx.)
6WD, standard tank drive.

Drive Train

Speed: 12ft/sec (approx.)

2CIM ToughboxMini per tank

6in KOP wheels


Speed: 4in/sec (approx.)

1CIM Versaplanetary Gearbox 50:1 Reduction

7.5″ pistons actuate the arms to an open/closed position

Position tracked via magnetic encoder


2 front actuators

2 rear actuators (7″ Bimba pistons with smooth “feet”)

Capable of HAB LV2 climb.


Limelight Camera (purchase link)

Microsoft HD Lifecam-3000

Reflective sensors on bottom of chassis for tape tracking

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Our 2018 Robot REX

Game: FIRST Power UP

REX was a specialized bot that was adept in scoring in the near switch and vault. It would fill the entire vault nearly every match, earning a Vault Master peer-award at Buckeye Regional from Team #2228.


Status: Operable
Weight: 98lbs

Drive Train

6WD, 4CIM tank drive.

Speed: 11ft/sec


Belt driven

Powered by 1 CIM motor

Only able to reach the low switches


MiniCIM motors direct drive attached to banebot wheels

Pneumatic punch to assist releasing power cubes

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2017 Robot: FENIX

Fenix v1


The first version of our 2017 robot was very much unlike what it is today.


  • Status: Deconstructed
  • Weight: 120.0lbs
  • 6WD, tank drive.

Front – Ball Intake, Hopper, Agitator

  • Powered by BAG motors, the intake wheels spun fast enough to launch the balls up the chute and land gently into the hopper.
  • Once in the hopper, an agitator mechanism (also powered w/ BAGs) at the bottom would spin and push the balls through a tunnel into the shooter.

Rear – Shooter, Passive Gear Box

  • Shoots to the rear side for minimal turning.
  • The gear box would hold the gear at the correct height in order for us to place the gear on the airship.

Introducing: FENIX V2

After regionals, the team simplified our robot design a lot. We completely removed the hopper & shooter subsystems and chose to create an active gear mechanism. We decided picking gears up off the floor & climbing was the most important thing to focus on, so we modified our robot to reflect that.

Game: FIRST Steamworks


  • Status: Deconstructed
  • Weight: 109.5lbs
  • 6WD, tank drive.

Front – Gear Pickup / Climbing Mechanism

  • Two wheels attached to the end of arms spin to intake the gear.
  • The compression from the wheels naturally hold the gear in place, allowing us to move freely across the field.
  • The climber is powered by a regular CIM motor.
    • Gear reduction unknown.
    • A ratchet was added during an off-season event after realizing the motor was outputting too much power to hold the weight of the robot.

CAGE Match 2017 Photos

Over the weekend our team traveled to Indianapolis to compete in the 10th annual CAGE Match. The team and our robot, FENIX, placed 10th in the standings and eventually moved up to become the 7th seed alliance captain!

A big thank you to our alliance partners #3940 Cybertooth and #461 WBI for competing with us in the playoffs. You can see our match results & photos from the event below.

Event Match Results | Our Match Results

Robots-R-Us earns Regional Winner title!

Robots-R-Us, a team of area high school students, traveled to Perry, Georgia and won the FIRST Robotics Competition; the Georgia Southern Classic Regional.  Robots-R-Us, FRC team #3266, combined with FLASH, FRC #1319 from Greenville, SC (Greenville County Schools) and G3 Robotics, FRC #1648 from Atlanta, GA (Grady High School) to form the winning three team alliance.  Recycle Rush is the FIRST 2015 challenge and alliance members worked together to build stacks of industrial totes topped with recycling trash bins.

Over 3,000 FIRST teams from around the world had just six weeks to design and build robots for Recycle Rush.  Teams of high school age kids compete in over 100 world wide regional and district events to earn a spot at the FIRST Championship in St. Louis, MO April 22-26.  The local team with students from Richmond High School, Eaton High School, Preble-Shawnee High School and home school students will now make their first trip to the FIRST Championship to compete.

U.S. FIRST organizes programs to inspire kids, 3rd through 12th grade, to become science and technology leaders by organizing exciting and fun robotic competitions.  Using everything from Legos to computer programmed motor encoders team members learn how to work in teams to learn key science principles and how to solve challenges and tasks using technology.

Robots-R-Us has been close to earning a spot to the FIRST Championships the last several years after qualifying in the number one spot at the FRC Queen City Regional the last two years.  Robots-R-Us will perform at the 2015 Queen City Regional, April1-4 at the CINTAS Center in Cincinnati.  The story was much different at the Georgia Southern Classic where Robots-R-Us had to overcome many diverse challenges the first two days of the competition finally finding its stride in the second half of qualifying rounds.  The team missed all of their practice games due to having to rebuild and trouble shoot their drive and electrical systems.  A faulty power distribution component delayed the team another 2 hours then the robot failed inspection due to being 11 pounds overweight.  The next two hours were spent strategically eliminating components and parts that would not decrease the robots key performance areas.  Learning to overcome obstacles and how to work together to solve problems are one of the benefits of the FIRST experience and were never truer than they were at the Georgia Southern Classic for Robots-R-Us.

The team had just 11 qualifying matches to prove they could perform the challenges of Recycle Rush efficiently.  After each of the first two matches various systems were dialed in and tweaked but then in the third match the gear box for the elevator system malfunctioned and the team had to break in and rebuild one of the systems that require the most time.  The team missed their fourth match while repairing their worm gear assembly and barely made their fifth match.  Robots-R-Us won that fifth match soundly and were back on track.  So with just 3 matches of field time, 7.5 minutes, the team had dialed in all of the systems on the robot and were ready to compete.  This team was not to be denied it was their ‘Destiny’ to overcome all barriers and earn their spot at the FIRST Championships.

Robots-R-Us was selected as the third alliance member on the fourth alliance by Flash FRC #1319 along with G3 Robotics FRC #1648.  The alliance went undefeated through the elimination matches winning 7 straight matches to win the FIRST Georgia Southern Classic Regional.

The Robots-R-Us team work shop is housed at Eaton Computer in Eaton, Ohio.  The major sponsors for the team are Henny Penny and Eaton Computer who cover event registration costs and the cost of parts and tools.  Additional team sponsors include Silfex, Inc, Hewitt Family Dentistry, Ahaus Tool and Engineering, Dr, Scott Vosler, Dr. Jill Vosler, Gaydosh and Associates and Ace Hardware.  For more information visit  To see Robots-R-Us in action visit the FRC Queen City Regional in Cincinnati at the CINTAS Center; more information at

DESTINY caps a stack of totes with a container and a noodle!
DESTINY caps a stack of totes with a container and a noodle!


DESTINY works on stacking some totes.
DESTINY works on stacking some totes.
DESTINY holds 3 yellow totes preparing to score coop points during a qualification match.
DESTINY holds 3 yellow totes getting ready to score coop points during a qualification match.
The teams meet before the playoff matches are kicked off.
The fourth seed alliance meets before the playoff matches begin.


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