Meet QUASAR! Our 2019 DEEP SPACE Robot

Game: Destination DEEP SPACE


Status: Operable
Weight: 100lbs (approx.)
6WD, standard tank drive.

Drive Train

Speed: 12ft/sec (approx.)

2CIM ToughboxMini per tank

6in KOP wheels


Speed: 4in/sec (approx.)

1CIM Versaplanetary Gearbox 50:1 Reduction

7.5″ pistons actuate the arms to an open/closed position

Position tracked via magnetic encoder


2 front actuators

2 rear actuators (7″ Bimba pistons with smooth “feet”)

Capable of HAB LV2 climb.


Limelight Camera (purchase link)

Microsoft HD Lifecam-3000

Reflective sensors on bottom of chassis for tape tracking

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