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Meet QUASAR! Our 2019 DEEP SPACE Robot

Game: Destination DEEP SPACE


Status: Operable
Weight: 100lbs (approx.)
6WD, standard tank drive.

Drive Train

Speed: 12ft/sec (approx.)

2CIM ToughboxMini per tank

6in KOP wheels


Speed: 4in/sec (approx.)

1CIM Versaplanetary Gearbox 50:1 Reduction

7.5″ pistons actuate the arms to an open/closed position

Position tracked via magnetic encoder


2 front actuators

2 rear actuators (7″ Bimba pistons with smooth “feet”)

Capable of HAB LV2 climb.


Limelight Camera (purchase link)

Microsoft HD Lifecam-3000

Reflective sensors on bottom of chassis for tape tracking

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Our 2018 Robot REX

Game: FIRST Power UP

REX was a specialized bot that was adept in scoring in the near switch and vault. It would fill the entire vault nearly every match, earning a Vault Master peer-award at Buckeye Regional from Team #2228.


Status: Operable
Weight: 98lbs

Drive Train

6WD, 4CIM tank drive.

Speed: 11ft/sec


Belt driven

Powered by 1 CIM motor

Only able to reach the low switches


MiniCIM motors direct drive attached to banebot wheels

Pneumatic punch to assist releasing power cubes

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2017 Robot: FENIX

Fenix v1


The first version of our 2017 robot was very much unlike what it is today.


  • Status: Deconstructed
  • Weight: 120.0lbs
  • 6WD, tank drive.

Front – Ball Intake, Hopper, Agitator

  • Powered by BAG motors, the intake wheels spun fast enough to launch the balls up the chute and land gently into the hopper.
  • Once in the hopper, an agitator mechanism (also powered w/ BAGs) at the bottom would spin and push the balls through a tunnel into the shooter.

Rear – Shooter, Passive Gear Box

  • Shoots to the rear side for minimal turning.
  • The gear box would hold the gear at the correct height in order for us to place the gear on the airship.

Introducing: FENIX V2

After regionals, the team simplified our robot design a lot. We completely removed the hopper & shooter subsystems and chose to create an active gear mechanism. We decided picking gears up off the floor & climbing was the most important thing to focus on, so we modified our robot to reflect that.

Game: FIRST Steamworks


  • Status: Deconstructed
  • Weight: 109.5lbs
  • 6WD, tank drive.

Front – Gear Pickup / Climbing Mechanism

  • Two wheels attached to the end of arms spin to intake the gear.
  • The compression from the wheels naturally hold the gear in place, allowing us to move freely across the field.
  • The climber is powered by a regular CIM motor.
    • Gear reduction unknown.
    • A ratchet was added during an off-season event after realizing the motor was outputting too much power to hold the weight of the robot.